Establish your own salon and spa business at Salon Suites Your Day Spa, a pioneering beauty mall in Springfield, Missouri. Let's work together in fostering a professional and profitable business environment. Read about our beauty mall below.

What do I need to get started?
Salon Suites Your Day Spa assists you in organizing your business and setting it up correctly. With a minimal startup expense, you will be ready to open for business in a very short time. We provide you with all the necessary information on:

• Obtaining a Business License
• Securing a Tax ID Number
• Acquiring Professional Liability Insurance
• Installing Telephone Lines (Optional)
• Getting a Retail License

Can I decorate my suite the way I want?

Yes, you may. We encourage you to personalize your suite with accessories and create your own color scheme. Although your suite is fully furnished, you're welcome to make additions in order to create the atmosphere you desire.

How long is the lease?

A regular lease has a contract period of one year. This is relatively shorter than average commercial or business leases that span three to five years.

Do you charge a commission?
No, we do not charge commissions. You keep all your profits.

Do you have a lot of walk-in traffic?
Yes and no. Salon Suites Your Day Spa was designed for professionals who already have a medium to strong clientele base. We only market to attract walk-ins on a limited basis. However, walk-ins are always welcome, and they have been seen to patronize the salons during open-door hours. Appointments are preferred since some services are only available by appointment.

What happens when a client walks in?
Our management greets walk-ins and assigns that patron with the first available tenant that accepts walk-ins. We do not require a commission for this work.

How is your building's security?
Security personnel maintain the safety of our environment for tenants who may be working odd hours, or are alone in the building. 

Are partnerships or suite-sharing allowed?
Yes. If you wish to open a salon with someone else and work together in the same suite, we have a few suites with enough space to accommodate up to three stylists comfortably.

How can I find out more?
If you would like additional leasing information or if you have more questions about our suites, we encourage you to stop by and speak with current tenants. We have several tenants who have been operating here since we opened our doors in November 1996. You may also come for a tour of our facility.

Contact us in Springfield, Missouri, to inquire about our inviting beauty mall.